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6 responses to “Discussion”

  1. Princess says :

    Can you put more A/L videos?
    Specially A/L physics videos please? 🙂

  2. Rikaz Abdul Raheem says :

    can you find easy ways to do physics
    for example – short cuts & how to improve the mcq practise

    • afdhaal says :

      There are lots of shortcuts and easy ways to do physics mcq. Yap, I can show you some easy ways of doing mcq for sure. But if you point out in which unit you want those mcq doing methods, then it will be easy to me to provide what you need.
      For example, if you want mcq doing tricks or methods in Mechanics, then thats it. I can help you.

      Please point out the subject unit. And also it will be more easy for me if you point out the particular difficult mcq in PHYSICS PAST PAPER.

      Thank you.

  3. sameena says :

    please send circular for tamil medium

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