Chemistry MCQ Answers

As we keep update other past paper answers, Chemistry MCQ answers from 1979 and so on, will be updated soon…! Keep tune with us via our Facebook page to get fresh updates.

2012 (Old syllabus)

2012 (New Syllabus)


4 responses to “Chemistry MCQ Answers”

  1. ashen dissanayaka says :

    50-hydrogenchloroflourocarbon also engage in ozone layer depletion.Chlorine engae in a free radical reaction to deplete the layer.WHY ANSWER 5 is wrong then?

    48-sulphur is produced through this reaction in industrial levels; 2H2S + SO2———> 3S +2 the answer should be 2????

    40-number of N2 mol = (approximately)1.4mols…therefore,the mass of L3N obtained is 1.4 X 2 X 35 =98??…so only the (a) is correct ???

    39-in haber process 250atm pressure and 450-550 degrees celcius is bein used…WHY did u took the answer (b) as WRONG..??….ALL (a),(b),(d) should be correct????

    35-answer(d) ..why is it wrong??…when we plot the graphs n take into a one graph,total pressure changes linearly ??cant we take asnwer as 4??

    13-the bond -d ,its a sigma(SP-SP2) bond…so the length sholud be less than a sigma(SP2-SP2) bond ??

    sir,those are few doubts i have.I dont mean that im correct.I just have few doubts regardin those questions.if i wasted your valuble time,i appologize..

    thank you.

    • afdhaal says :

      I really appreciate your work.
      These answers are individuals handy works. So there will be MISTAKES. I accept it. And also I really appreciate people like you who mention those mistakes and help other students without get mislead ed.
      Really Great work!

      • ashen dissanayaka says :

        thank you sir.i got 42 correct.but i have those doubts.if you can show me,where i have gone wrong,it would be a great help.
        thank you sir.

      • afdhaal says :

        Hmmm….! I think we should better to be wait calm until we get another reliable MCQ answer. Because I believe that I never can preform or make decision than a chemistry teacher who has plenty of experience.
        S0 we better wait… right?!!

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