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“How to study?” Managing your time

Put first thing first thing.

Everyone in this world has goals in their lives as you do. When you travel in that journey to the “goal”, you will face lots of distractions which would affect you from archiving it.

For example if you are a student, your goal is to pass in the exam with best results.
The distractions you might be facing are could be, useless Phone calls from friends, Facebook, unnecessary works like watching tv, watching films without limit etc.

These distraction will swallow the time period which you have to do your studies. You will lose all your study time period in useless things and finally you will lose in that exam without the best results you could have preformed.

Hmmm…. How to solve this problem?
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Nick Vujicic- Speech 1-2

He has no legs, no Hands. If he can do so much, then why can’t we do?


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Motivational Song

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