About Me

I’m M.F Afdhaal,student of D.S.S.C and also Zahira College Mw, Nooraniya M.M.V.

I got 7A’s and 2B’s as my O/L results.I did bio stream for my A/L (2011 batch, Physics-A Biology-B Chemistry-B, Z-Score 2.1151.

I love to educate people around me and I love to help them in education.
I love science. I love IT field. So I wished to create a website for G.C.E Ordinary Level students just to make them to learn science in an easy and cool methods at first.
“every journey starts with a single step” . First step of my journey started with O/L science website which was only for tamil medium students, now its being continue by O/L & A/L tamil medium and english medium and for all subjects.
When i was studying Ordinary Level I used to go to internet and search “Sri lankan O/L science”. But I rarely found such websites which helped me in studies. And in any of those websites I couldn’t find All information what i needed. While A/L too, it happened to be same. In this case I got such problems and I couldn’t find solutions that time. So I wanted my juniors not to fell into such troubles as I had to.
That’s how I got idea to create this website.

I was taking group classes for O/L students in Tamil and English mediums So those teaching experience helped me a lot to create this site.

I would like to thank my A/L teachers. Most of their art of teaching helping me to make my profession so better. Specially I must mention my biology teacher Mr. V.Umarshanker, my chemistry teacher Mr. Thillainathan and my physics teacher Mr. Varnam. Their guidance increased my love on science.

I love to motivate people around me. I’m not an optimist, but double. So I what ever situation it is, I won’t give up what I’m doing for my society. I love what I’m doing. I passionate with it.


15 responses to “About Me”

  1. Afrih Anver says :

    Well dn brthr………….cntnus ur work……………….

  2. Shamppave says :

    very nice…………………………………

  3. Thiyakesh says :

    Shaa… kalakkale machiiii!!!! keep it up brovv……

  4. RIFKHAN says :

    very very nice machan. goooood try this time

  5. Suhail says :

    Masha Allah! Great men!!

  6. Munee says :

    Nice work. Keep it up.

  7. zeena says :

    great work. Keep it up.
    May allah bless u

  8. Safwan Mohammed says :

    Weldone bro…

  9. shara says :

    wondrful bro! masha allah
    if can post me bio mcq answers for 2012 paper soooon!!!!!!!!!!

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