2012 A/L Chemistry paper also came out with mistakes

Mistakes in A/L exams, First it began with math. Math paper had a big mistake which lead many students to get fed up during exam.! After that physics part two question paper also came with mistakes. Radiation essay question, there were two correction and supervises . And also there are some news (sometimes it could be rumor) , In a popular school in Colombo they didn’t inform students to make correction in physics exam paper. That means , surely those students might have psychologically effected while doing that question. Now, today (2012.08.15) chemistry Tamil medium paper also had a minor mistake “which may lead student to go to wrong answer in 19th Question of new syllabus”. The velocity of light =  3 × 10⁸  ms-1 . But In Tamil medium chemistry paper it was like,

And there were some other mistakes also….!

Well well well, these mistakes won’t effect those students who study well (who’s eligible to take A grades), But students with lower grades.


 News from Daily mirror regarding chemistry paper 2012

Commotion over periodic table

Candidates who sat today’s Chemistry paper I had been agitated and distressed because they were not provided a copy of the periodic table with the question paper unlike in previous years.

Examinations Commissioner W. M. J. Pushpakumara commenting on the situation said the candidates were not given the periodic table because the professors who set the paper this year had instructed us not to do so.

However, teacher unions blamed the Examinations Department for not informing the candidates of this decision prior to the start of the examination.
According to teacher unions, the paper had contained three questions based on the periodic table. (Lakna Paranamanna)

Again I want to remind you that, “These mistakes won’t effect those students whom study well. But it will effect those who are weak in their studies. That means it will effect the majority”


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I'm afdhaal. Student of D.S Senanayake college, Colombo. And as well as Nooraniya M.M.V, Zahira College, MW. I belive that "People with passion, can change the world for better",Steve Jobs. Im passionate with what I'm doing. Im an optimist. I always think positively. I don't have a single place in my heart to NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. This is just the beggining. Just it's FIRST STEP OF MY JOURNEY.

5 responses to “2012 A/L Chemistry paper also came out with mistakes”

  1. jo says :

    whats tha problem with the biology new sylabus paper ???

    • afdhaal says :

      I heard that In the MCQ paper, there were some questions which shouldn’t be asked…
      I think it’s the Ecology question which came with 3 scientific name in each answer in between 40th-50th question.

      • ashen dissanayaka says :

        sir in ENGLISH medium teachers guide,they have clearly mentioned,with a star mark,dat students need not to remember the scientific names,only the general names are necessary.

  2. Padmal says :

    It is correct that the supervisor didn’t inform us (the Royalists) so we had to go with the answers provided in the Q paper

  3. Padmal says :

    At that Physics II paper.

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