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Lower grades more eligible than higher grades to enter varsity

News in Brief: 

“A student who had only three simple passes, secured a district ranking of 15 and an island ranking of 422 in the Arts stream, will probably enter university, whereas students with three distinctions in the same stream, would not be eligible to enter the university,”

“nearly 400 students complained to the Supreme Court that the latest Z-score in respect of the 2011 A/L examination, issued by the Commissioner General of Examinations (CGE), had been wrongfully calculated in violation of the Supreme Court order.”

“according to the latest Z-score released on July 22, his client was not eligible for the Medical Faculty, because her district and island rankings were pushed back to 226 and 692 respectively”

“a candidate who sat under the new syllabus in the Bio Science stream had secured an island ranking of 673 with three Credit passes (Bs) while a candidate who sat under the old syllabus in the same stream, had secured an island ranking of 799 with three distinctions (As)”

-Meddle And Muddle Of Z- Score (Reader opinions of “The Sunday leaders”)

News in Brief: 

Like a tonardo, it has hit the GCE (A/L) student community who sat the 2011 examination under two syllabi with great hope and ambition, severely, pushing them into a hapless and hopeless situation.

-Govt. fiddles while Z-score fiasco and FUTA strikes simmer

News in Brief: 

“It is the responsibility of us all to save our children from this situation. It is the duty of us all to apply pressure on the Government to rectify the injustice caused to those children,”…


A three judge Bench of the Supreme Court yesterday granted leave to proceed with the Z score issue pertaining to the admission of students to universities.

The Bench fixed September 3 for further hearings.

The Bench comprised Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake, Justice K Sri Pavan and Justice Nimal Gamini Amaratunge. In granting leave to proceed with several applications filed by students who sat for the GCE (AL) 2011 under both the old and new syllabus, the Bench observed that the University Grants Commission (UGC) gave an undertaking that admissions to universities would not be finalised until the issue is determined by Supreme Court….. Read More


The government’s attention has been focused to admit students to the universities under two batches

-University admission only after z-score issue is solved- UGC tells SC

-President meets university Dons; Z score, higher education focus of talks


-Z-score report to President further delayed

-Government Yet Undecided On Addressing Z-score Issue


students affected by the Z- score muddle staged a protest march to the University Grants Commission


-The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka has received as many as 1,675 complaints from students whose Z-scores had changed

-Z score not the cause for girl’s suicide

-UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe said the introduction of the Z-score system is the main cause for the present debacle in the education sector


-Suggestion for Z Score related problem in university admission


-Z-Score Fiasco: Students kept guessing

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