Why to choose a teacher who has much experience?? Proof!!!

Most of students struggled to find a good teacher for their A/L studies. So once I created a video that “How to find a better teacher?”

In that video I recommended that the selecting teacher should have much experience. I write this post for two reasons. The reason number is “to prove that why the teacher should have experience”, and the reason number two is my personal reason, I.e This below compared biology paper is from one of the best teacher whom I saw in my A/L period and some one who has pretty lot more experience and whom produces superb results every year. So as I’m a good student of him, I’m happy to compare his paper. Well that’s my personal reason.

But keep in mind, “The teacher’s experience is most important in A/L”. Also the experience should be in  teaching & A/L paper correction.

Well well, you might know that A/L biology exam is pretty different from other papers. the essay part contains 2 past paper questions out of 6 Questions. To reach that two past paper questions you have to practice last ten year past paper.

You can see the below picture which I compared. It has two similar questions (which I highlighted) and the specialty is, the particular teacher’s experience guided him to predict the question well. He kept this exam right before the A/L 2012 exam as a seminar.

Hint: You must understand the meaning of predict, just not to be misguided from this post I write.

“Predict means to tell about something in advance of its occurrence by means of special knowledge or inference”


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I'm afdhaal. Student of D.S Senanayake college, Colombo. And as well as Nooraniya M.M.V, Zahira College, MW. I belive that "People with passion, can change the world for better",Steve Jobs. Im passionate with what I'm doing. Im an optimist. I always think positively. I don't have a single place in my heart to NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. This is just the beggining. Just it's FIRST STEP OF MY JOURNEY.

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