Students, who faced most problems in Sri Lankan education History

“2011 A/L Batch……!”

Z-Score, nowadays it is the most important topic which brought everyone’s concern. This article is not about what happened to the A/L results. But it’s about “the whole story of 2011 A/L batch”. I will make the story short and sweet, and to the point.

Grade 5 Scholarship Exam

Hmmmm…! All of this mess, these problems began in grade-5 of 2011 A/L batch. Tamil medium students faced the 1st problem in their scholarship exams. நீர் ஒரு வளம்(Water is a resource)” is the essay topic the got in grade 5 exam paper. “நீர்”, in Tamil has two meanings.

  1. நீர்=You
  2. நீர்=Water

So, from that essay “நீர் ஒரு வளம்”, nearly half of the students thought “You are a resource” instead of “Water is a resource”.

O/L Exam

The problems didn’t get stop. It got continued in O/L exams. 2011 A/L Batch should be the only batch which faced “TWO MATH EXAMS IN O/L”.

As usual they went to O/L math exam in 2008. The exam started and usual time. Time went like a super sonic jet, but most of them couldn’t finish the exam paper at the time allocated. As soon as exam finished, Some of them started to cry in exam hall, and most of them speechless. Because the exam was pretty tough comparing to other years.
So that time it was a famous news among media, and finally Examination Department decided to keep another Math exam, and these 2011 A/L batch students had to study math, even after O/L exams for the 2nd exam paper.

A/L Syllabus & Exam

2011 A/L batch students are freshers for new syllabus. But when they came to A/L, the syllabus was still being modified. So teachers were afraid in teaching some sections in A/L’s. Even now it is 2012, still they are making changes in syllabus. For example 2011 A/L batch had Aluminium related studies in Chemistry. But for 2012 A/L batch, they don’t have that in their syllabus.

Exams….! Everyone knows about what Happened in A/L exam by recent breaking news. So I ignore that matter.

A/L Results

Everyone know that A/L is a very competitive exam. So as soon as the A/L results out, the number of telephone calls we get to our home is countless. Those telephone calls are doesn’t matter for those who got good A/L results, but it’s the worse moment for those students who got worse A/L results.
“2011 A/L batch students got their A/L results for 3 times”. You won’t feel how ridiculous to have 3 different A/L results with plenty of phone calls.

Hmmm..! These are the reasons for 3 Different results.

  1. First of all they release the A/L results in 2011 in a hurry. Every students phones started to ring. But because of the hurry, ranking of district and Island were clearly wrong because of a technical error.
  2. They mend the technical error in the following day and the announced that the new results are out and could be obtained via . Evvvvvvvv…..! Again every students telephone started to ring restlessly.
  3. Some students and teachers union of Sri Lanka made a complain to high court regarding the Z-Score matter, that it has some problems and finally after lots of months passed, they won in the Z-score matter. So again they changed the Z-score and sent it again.  For the third time phone started to rank restlessly.


Well, these problems doesn’t mean that Sri Lanka education systems is wrong. But the reason for these problems is they made a change, i.e they introduced new syllabus. When there is a change, surely there will be problems and it is a usual matter. As world face rapid changes in technology, it is vital to change our educational materials such a syllabus. Changes will bring new problems. We should be ready to face it. It is our duty.

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  1. indika27 says :

    මා නම් සිතන්නේ මෙයට පැලැස්තර නොව සැබෑ විසඳුමක් සැබෑ වෙනසක් අවැසි බවයි..අධ්‍යාපන ක්‍රමය තුල මේ විභාග වලට ඇති බර අඩු කල හැකිනම් එය වටින වැඩකි…අඩු තරමේ සෙමෙස්තර ක්‍රමයට එක්සෑම් කඩා අවුරුදු දෙක හමාරක දිග සිලබස් එක කොට කරන්නේ නම් එයද මනාය…

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