Happy news for 2012 Science stream A/L Students

“Whats that much so to be happy?”

A circular has come which explains the deleted sections in biology, Chemistry and so on. i.e these sections will not be included in 2012 A/L examination.
Eg: No Applied Biology, No many sections in industrial chemistry and also electro chemistry..

Hoooooooorayyy… 🙂
All the best for your A/L examination….!

For more information, Ask me, send me and email to

Feel free to ask me any questions or helps.
🙂 I love you when you ask me your questions and problems. Happy to help you.

Feel free to share it with you friends….! 🙂

See the picture below for more information.

Page no2


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I'm afdhaal. Student of D.S Senanayake college, Colombo. And as well as Nooraniya M.M.V, Zahira College, MW. I belive that "People with passion, can change the world for better",Steve Jobs. Im passionate with what I'm doing. Im an optimist. I always think positively. I don't have a single place in my heart to NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. This is just the beggining. Just it's FIRST STEP OF MY JOURNEY.

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