Is it Magic…? Nop..! Its Science (bernoullis principle). Unbelievable science experiments which is like magic. Watch it and learn some science + magic

Bernoulli’s principles is a awesome area in physics. Almost all of science student who study about the particular theory, they love the application (magic) of it.

The practicle applications of bernoullis theory is really MIRACLE and MAGIC for those who don’t know about the theory.
Click in to watch more videos, magic tricks.

Its not just magic, but science.
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I'm afdhaal. Student of D.S Senanayake college, Colombo. And as well as Nooraniya M.M.V, Zahira College, MW. I belive that "People with passion, can change the world for better",Steve Jobs. Im passionate with what I'm doing. Im an optimist. I always think positively. I don't have a single place in my heart to NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. This is just the beggining. Just it's FIRST STEP OF MY JOURNEY.

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