How to study A/L physics? vedio. By: S.R Jeyakumar BSc, PDGE, PDGIT

This is a video which will guide A/L tamil medium and as well as english medium students who speaks tamil and who studies in A/L science stream, this vedio will help you some in that “how to study physics?”.

We went to NOBLE ACADEMY to take this video. (you will be able to know about NOBLE ACADEMY in TUITION CLASSES, in our home page).

We would like to thank to lots of people who helped us to make this vedio.

Mr. S.R Jeyakumar (BSc, PGDE,PGDIT)
Mr. U.Umarshanger (BSc, Edu)
Dr. Suhail A Wahab, whom gave me advices to make the recording to be perfect.
Ismail A Azeez (Trainer/Motivational Speaker Trainer/ Motivational Speaker MBA (Rdng), BA (Sociology), DYDW (Commonwealth), DICS (NCC-UK), ACS,Trainer CGAP/ Business Edge), my uncle who motivates me to do all these.
Dr. Shafna, who gave me lots of advices that how to do the conversation and how to make the script to be perfect.
And my friends,
Nuski Ibn Hazeem
Rishantha kumar

This is a little effort taken by us and a small gift to our community.

Feel free to share it to your friends and known one.


About afdhaal

I'm afdhaal. Student of D.S Senanayake college, Colombo. And as well as Nooraniya M.M.V, Zahira College, MW. I belive that "People with passion, can change the world for better",Steve Jobs. Im passionate with what I'm doing. Im an optimist. I always think positively. I don't have a single place in my heart to NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. This is just the beggining. Just it's FIRST STEP OF MY JOURNEY.

10 responses to “How to study A/L physics? vedio. By: S.R Jeyakumar BSc, PDGE, PDGIT”

  1. Mohamed Khurshid says :

    Best of luck …………… nice work
    can u re-upload the same video without background music.
    because background music s to louder than the voice of u & the teacher.
    may almighty Allah helps u & all

    • afdhaal says :

      Jazakallah. Insha Allah, I’ll do so by concidering the whole feed backs I get.

      And really thanks for your feed back nana.

  2. zameermfm says :

    Masha Allah afdhaal, it’s a commendable effort. Your Presentation and Video Productions were phenomenal! Keep up the good work!

  3. Suhail Abdul Wahab says :

    A commendable effort. I see a huge potential in you. Good luck!

  4. Mohammed Rizmy says :

    awesome machan…
    keep it up
    may Allah bless you the success!!!!!

  5. Zeena says :

    great work Afdhaal. keep it up.
    may Allah bless u for all your success

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