Spectrometer is an optical instrument which importantly take place in advanced level geometrical lights.
The spectrometer can be used to, measure accurately
the refractive index of glass in the form of prism.
-Refraction angle-A
-Minimum deviation of a prism-D
-Refractive index of a prism material.

The instrument concist essentialy of -a colimeter
-a telescope
-and a table on which prism can be placed.
Collimeter is fixed. But the table and telescope can be rotated round.

adjustments made before using spectrometer

1. The collimeter C should be adjusted so that parallel light emerges from it.
2. The telescope T must be adjusted so that parallel rays entering it are brought to a forcus at cross wire near its eye piece.
3. The refracting edge of the prism must be parallel to the axis of rotation of the telescope. I.e the table must be levelled.


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